X3 Marketing Group Digital Advertising Case Study: Heart & Hand Chiropractic
X3 Marketing Group Digital Advertising Case Study: Heart & Hand Chiropractic

The challenge

When the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 virus showed up, countless businesses were affected and remain so tho this day. Chief among them were businesses which rely heavily or entirely on person-to-person physical contact.

Heart & Hand Chiropractic had their patient flow slow to around only three new clients per month. It was X3’s job to use digital marketing – and in this case, Google Ads and other paid digital advertising platforms – to overcome these unprecedented challenges and bring new patients in the door in the face of a global pandemic.

The Strategy

To begin, X3 worked with Heart & Hand to zero in on an aggressive, yet flexible advertising campaign in addition to supplementary search engine optimization.

We focused on:

  • Google Ads to build initial traffic flow
  • Strategic use of retargeting to re-engage with website visitors who had shown interest but hadn’t converted to leads.
  • Hard focus on symptomatically and geographically keyword which showed buying intent.
  • Use lead funnel and follow-up methods to encourage positive online reviews.

Proven Results

From the outset, Dr. Pilsner and X3 were both heading into unknown territory due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only was there uncertainty around when and how people would begin going back to have their chiropractic needs addressed close to normal but there was also the uncertainty of how online search would be affected.

As it turns out, online search found people being much more specific and deliberate in their searching. This worked perfectly with the keyword strategy of focusing on “buying” keywords that were geographically specific. For example, rather than spending energy on “chiropractor near me” we focused on words like “chiropractor for sciatic pain Fort Collins CO”. This campaign led to an ROI of more than 5X. You can see a few of the campaign results below.


Monthly New Patients


Increase in number of reviews over 8 month period

Customer (Not lead) acquisition cost in dollars


When Heart & Hand began working with X3 we knew that they made big promises but we were blown away by the amount of solid leads coming through the door.

Dr. Ryan Pilsner

Doctor of Chiropractic, Heart & Hand Chiropractic

Dr. Ryan Pilsner; Heart & Hand Chiropractic

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