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For over two decades, Canyon Plumbing & Heating, a family-owned business serving Boulder, CO and surrounding communities, has built a reputation for exceptional service and customer care.  Dan Secrist, the owner, takes pride in his team of highly trained technicians and their commitment to keeping homes safe and comfortable.

Canyon Plumbing offers a wide range of services, from routine maintenance to emergency repairs, ensuring their clients have access to reliable plumbing and heating solutions whenever needed.

However, despite their strong local presence, Dan recognized the growing importance of a robust online presence to reach a wider audience and attract new customers.

The Challenge

The plumbing industry is a crowded space, and even well-established companies like Canyon Plumbing need a strong online presence to stay ahead of the curve. These days, potential customers are ditching the phonebooks and turning to search engines and local directories to find the services they need. Before partnering with X3 Marketing, Canyon Plumbing’s website wasn’t optimized for search engines, meaning it was buried deep in search results, hidden from the very people who needed them most. Without local service ads, potential customers searching for plumbers online might have completely missed Canyon Plumbing. And to top it all off, the lack of an email marketing strategy meant they couldn’t cultivate leads or build lasting relationships with their customers. In short, Canyon Plumbing needed a digital revamp to connect with potential customers and showcase their expertise.

Canyon Plumbing Digital Marketing

The Strategy

X3 Marketing recognized the unique challenges faced by Canyon Plumbing and crafted a comprehensive digital marketing strategy designed to address them. This data-driven approach focused on three key areas:

Our SEO specialists conducted in-depth keyword research to identify relevant search terms used by local residents seeking plumbing services. Website content and structure were optimized to target these keywords, improving organic search ranking and driving qualified traffic to Canyon Plumbing’s website. Backlink building efforts were also implemented to enhance domain authority and establish credibility with search engines.

X3 strategically implemented targeted local service ads to ensure Canyon Plumbing appeared at the top of search results for relevant plumbing-related searches in their service area. This resulted in a significant increase in ad impressions and qualified leads generated through phone calls and messages, ensuring Canyon Plumbing was in front of potential customers actively searching for their services.

X3 established a robust email marketing strategy from the ground up. Engaging email campaigns were crafted to nurture leads, build brand awareness, and promote Canyon Plumbing’s services.  These emails highlighted Canyon Plumbing’s commitment to quality service, same-day availability, and competitive pricing, while providing valuable information and tips relevant to homeowners.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Local Service Ads

Local Service Ads

Wrapping it Up

By implementing a comprehensive digital marketing campaign, X3 Marketing has empowered Canyon Plumbing to capture more leads and solidify their reputation as a leading plumbing and heating service provider in the Boulder, CO area.  With a stronger online presence, Canyon Plumbing is now well-positioned for continued growth and success, ensuring they remain the trusted choice for homeowners seeking reliable and professional plumbing services.

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