X3 Marketing Group SEO Case Study: Blue Frog Roofing

The challenge

Colorado is one of the most competitive states in the country for roofing due largely to the amount of wind and hail the state experiences regularly. With roughly six thousand roofers licensed to work in the Centennial State, getting noticed ahead of competitors requires not only expertise and great service, but also requires digital marketing for roofers to be even stronger.

An established roofing company, when Blue Frog Roofing began working with X3 Marketing Group in late 2020, Colorado had just come out of the slowest hail season in decades. Combining that with the ever-moving target of Covid-19 restrictions and they, like many of the best roofing companies in Colorado, were ready for a big year ahead.

Blue Frog Roofing wanted to take their roofing expertise, customer service and combine it with the best digital marketing they could. When X3 entered the picture we knew that one of their biggest goals was to do business at a breakdown of roughly 75% commercial and 25% residential. With an existing, WordPress-based website with little to no previous SEO work applied to it, we had our work cut out for us.

X3 Marketing Group SEO Case Study: Blue Frog Roofing

The Strategy

While residential roofing in Colorado may be responsible for the large majority of online search for roofers in terms of sheer volume, marketing for commercial roofing companies is just as vital since the amount of revenue for a commercial roofing job can be much greater.

Right out of the gate we took to updating Blue Frog’s Google My Business listing and other directories and keeping them up-to-date as new projects and services came on board. Also, knowing that a big part of good search engine optimization (SEO) is for a website’s content to build over time, we mapped out the strategic publication of location-specific landing pages for the service areas Blue Frog serves (rather then simply publishing all pages at once).

X3 also improved the site structure making Blue Frog Roofing’s pages more engaging and easier for potential customers to navigate but also to make the content much more friendly for Google (and other search engines) to crawl. Additionally, we also implemented geotagged images and an in-depth FAQ page with updates being added as the site is consistently updated.


Proven Results

Perhaps one of the most interesting and challenging aspects of digital marketing for roofer is the seasonality of the industry. In Blue Frog’s case, they began working with X3 smack in the middle of the slow season – autumn into winter. On the one hand, search volume for roof replacement or repair during that time is low, but it also gave us a slower time of year to get the SEO marketing ramped up to speed (since SEO is not as “instant” as digital advertising). The results we’ve seen so far have been great:


New, prominent roofing keywords on page 1 of Google


Increase in customer actions on Google My Business


Increase in organic traffic to

X3 Marketing Group // SEO Case Study with Blue Frog Roofing

X3 Marketing Group did exactly what they promised and provided us with documentation and data to show us the results. Great so far!

John Sokoll

Owner, Blue Frog Roofing // Berthoud, Colorado

John Sokoll, Owner of Blue Frog Roofing in Berthoud, Colorado

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