Social Media Advertising in Denver CO

Why Social Media Marketing Helps

Almost daily we speak to business owners who know that social media should be a part of their marketing strategy. There is a tacit understanding of platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram being a place where companies can share updates on their brand, products and services but decision makers are still left wondering how to make social media marketing an effective part of their business and how they accomplish this without wasting time. Because it’s often in the palm of our hands by way of mobile apps, the average user spends almost 2.5 hours a day on social media platforms. With that kind of time spent scrolling past pictures of babies, recipes and memes, businesses can find themselves in front of the eyes of an important, intelligently targeted audience daily.
Social Media Marketing Denver CO
X3 Marketing brings years of experience and a suite of tools to the table. We are a part of the digital strategies of everyone from startups to well-established businesses, from small, family- owned businesses to large corporations and every size business in between.

Social Media Advertising

The world of social media advertising is one which delivers on the wishes of business owners and decision makers by bringing them highly-targeted and measurable data. For an advertising spend dwarfed by many types of traditional advertising, social media platforms provide for much more value in the marketing dollar. At X3 Marketing we guide your business through each step of the way toward a powerful social media advertising plan.

Social Media Marketing

With potential clients becoming increasingly savvy when targeted advertising appears in their social media feeds, businesses should be a part of that organic scrolling. Whether it’s brand recognition, company updates or overall engagement, social media marketing gives a business the chance to be in front of the eyes of potential clients with increased frequency. In addition to that, it helps to create an open dialogue between clients both potential and existing. X3 Marketing is not only a provider of social media marketing tools but we’re also your business partner in making sure that every bit of energy and resources spent on social media marketing rises to its maximum effectiveness.
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