SEO Case Study: All Pro Restoration – X3 Marketing Group


SEO Case Study: All Pro Restoration - X3 Marketing Group

The Challenge

Proudly serving Colorado for over a decade, All Pro Restoration is a locally owned and operated restoration company. Although they have an outstanding reputation for their services, the company was not competing strongly in search engine marketing. A boost in their search engine traffic was essential to help them reach potential customers.

The Strategy

X3 Marketing created an aggressive and thorough SEO strategy to boost the company’s presence in online search rankings. This content marketing strategy was centered around the following:

Keyword Research

Keyword research to create a focused, high-quality content using our SEO tool

Relevant Content

Relevant content creation for new service pages, location pages, and a blog post on the website

Powerful Link

Powerful link building to resolve broken links while adding new internal link and external links

On-page SEO

Building both on-page SEO and off-page SEO

SEO Case Study: All Pro Restoration - X3 Marketing Group

Proven Results

Since Implementing

Since implementing their SEO strategy in late summer 2021, All Pro Restoration has seen fast and steady growth in the organic traffic to their website. The rise in organic search traffic has led the company to high placement on major search engines and top rankings for relevant keywords. Early this year, X3 Marketing launched a new, 200+ page website for All Pro Restoration with all SEO tactics fully implemented.

Organic search website visitors per month
0 +
In organic search value each month
$ 0 K
Keyworks ranking in the 10 search results
Excellent, excellent, excellent! I was skeptical of X3 Marketing when Taylor first reached out to schedule a meeting for Justin. I’ve heard it all before. I’ve tried many SEO companies. And I’ve done a better job of seeing through the mud that gets flipped at me by SEO companies. But Justin was top notch. He sat down with me face to face and let me share our story. And then he shared his. I was still skeptical because at the end of the day Justin is a sales guy. He lives to sell his business. And he wanted to hand me off to an account rep. I’ve been there before too and that’s usually where quality drops off significantly. But not with Nick! Oh my goodness. Nick has been great! He’s personable, he listens, he executes and he always follows through. I’m results driven and these guys have really driven the results home for us. Our online presence is finally taking off and soaring to new heights thanks to Justin, Nick and the rest of the behind the scenes team!
Jessica Rinfret, Owner/COO
All Pro Restoration, Denver, Colorado
Web Development Agency Broomfield CO

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