Web Design

The Challenge

Sport About Apparel Decorating is a family owned and operated custom apparel company serving Fort Collins, CO and the surrounding area. They provide a variety of custom apparel decorating processes, to help brands and schools share their graphics on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more. Sport About has a large client base in the front range of Colorado and service client requests of all shapes and sizes.

Sport About came to X3 Marketing group to refresh an outdated website and start gaining traction organically through online means. Most of their business came through referrals, in-store visits, or established relationships, but in a growing digital landscape, the team at Sport About knew how important a robust, responsive, and mobile-friendly website is for clients. With the goal of refreshing the website aesthetic and adding more service pages to tell customers exactly what their offerings entail, X3 built out a strategic web design and sitemap strategy.

The Strategy

Sport About was looking for an aesthetically pleasing site that would enhance their SEO and clearly communicate their services to customers. In order to fully demonstrate Sport About’s commitment to quality and service, X3:

Benefits of Web Redesign

Improved SEO

Enhanced Usability

Mobile Friendliness

Brand Growth

Proven Results

Brand Recognition

Using only Sport About’s project images, customers can now identify the high quality work that Sport About provides.

Improved Functionality

Sport About’s website is now mobile friendly and is quick and responsive across devices.

Customer Journey

Clients now have a much easier time understanding the services offered, and are more easily able to contact Sport About and find their physical store.

Steady Growth

Since the launch of the website, organic traffic is on a steady upward trajectory.

Let's Work Together!

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