X3 Marketing Group Digital Marketing Case Study: Wood Street Builders

The challenge

When X3 Marketing Group began working with Wood Street Builders they were in a challenging position. They had no SEO to speak of, had not used Google Ads or social media advertising.

Simultaneous to this the folks at Wood Street Builders were looking at opening a new building category apart from their bread and butter to that time, roofing and exteriors. Their new aim would be to continue to grow in the roofing space but to also begin moving into the outdoor living space including high-end pergolas which are very popular in their home state of Colorado.

X3 Marketing Group Digital Marketing Case Study: Wood Street Builders

The Strategy

Opening a new, unproven, line of business while at the same time growing an established business required a great deal of strategy that would account for proper growth rather than just an onslaught of advertising which could blow out budgets.

  • 1 new page per location (city), per service
  • SEO execution on new and existing pages
  • Google Guaranteed setup and targeting 
  • Implementation of Local Service Ads
  • Launched Google Ads
  • Launched retargeting ads on various platforms including Google Display Ads
  • Following 3 months of great ROI launched social media implementation and video marketing



Proven Results

For the second year in a row, the booming Colorado roofing industry seems to be in the midst of a leaner-than-normal season. With much of the hail which drives a majority of the industry in Colorado staying away (thus far) this means that well-established and nimble companies such as Wood Street Builders are poised not only to survive this season but to thrive. Other, fly-by-night roofing and exteriors companies who migrate to Colorado for the spoils are heading toward insolvency while the results below speak to how effective a great marketing strategy has been, even in a down year:


Monthly new clients (not including repeat)

Approximate ROI (Return On Investment)

Increase in overall website traffic

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