The challenge

Wood Street Builders was in a challenging position when X3 Marketing Group began working with them. They had no SEO, had not used Google Ads, and had no social media advertising. Simultaneously, they were looking to open a new building category that was separate from their expertise in roofing and exteriors. Their goal was to continue growth in the roofing industry while adding services for outdoor living spaces such as high-end pergolas. Opening this new, unproven line of business while maintaining growth required a great deal of strategy.

The Strategy

X3 crafted a digital marketing plan that would account for proper growth. Our strategy included:

Proven Results

Wood Street Builders has seen a turn around in their business and are poised to continue on their upward trajectory. Some key successes for them so far include:

Monthly New Clients
0 X
Approx. Return On Investment
0 X
Average New Leads Per Day

Let's Work Together!

At X3 Marketing Group we love to celebrate the success of our clients. When they win, we win. Give us a call or message today and we’d be happy to give your business a free digital marketing assessment to see how we can help!

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