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X3 Digital Marketing: 5 Reasons why your small business needs SEO
If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of small business SEO and may even know that those letters stand for “Search Engine Optimization” but do you know why a business would need good SEO? We won’t get too in-depth with the question of “What is SEO?” other than to give the simple explanation of: SEO is a technique used by digital marketers to get a website higher in search results than its competitors. What does that mean for a business? It means that when someone searches for something like, “best hvac companies near me”, your business shows up before your competitor.

So that’s what SEO is and what it does but what does that mean? Below are a 5 reasons you need to get your small business SEO firing on all cylinders ASAP.

X3 Digital Marketing: mobile SEO


What is voice search? It’s Siri or Google or Alexa. More and more people are using voice search to avoid typing or simply because of convenience.  If I’m driving down the road and I need to find a gas station near me, that’s what I’m going to tell Siri to show me. Being listed in local directories and local SEO platforms will allow your business to be among those shown. Also, it’s not JUST for people driving, voice search is used at all times and settings and it’s only getting more important.

X3 Digital Marketing: Mobile search engine optimization


Let’s face it, people use their smartphones FAR more for pointless activities (hellooo Candy Crush!) than for actually being productive. However, when people are searching for something they need – whether it’s a plumber or a cheat for the aforementioned Candy Crush – they pick up their phone, open a browser and use search.

Being found when people search for a business  – either specifically, by name, or a larger business category – is crucial to dominating your competition online and that’s where X3 can help!

X3 Digital Marketing: Local SEO


People like to shop with local businesses. Part of that is based in the fact that they want to support their neighbors but another part is purely convenience. If I need a mechanic to fix a strange sound under the hood, I’m not going to drive twenty miles to find one. I want someone close to save time and who understands specifics about where I live. Showing up above other local businesses in your category is challenging but a very necessary part of getting the first phone call, email, text to you rather than someone else.

X3 Digital Marketing: First page of Google SEO


The “real estate” of the first page of Google has different parts to it. Fortunately for you, dear reader, X3 knows how to get you onto all of them. But why is this important? Well, people using things like Google search want the most amount of information they can have at their fingertips. If possible, they want to find exactly what they’re looking for – as well as a way to check on reputation – on the first page. If you’re looking for the best marketing for roofers in Denver, for instance, you want to take advantage of PPC, SEO, Google Maps and Google My Business. All of these things will bring the right quantity and quality of roofing leads to your doorstep.

X3 Digital Marketing: How much do people use Google search?


Let’s be honest, most people probably spend 95% of their time online doing completely useless things. However, when that 5% comes calling, they’re doing a lot of research. This may mean that they’re looking for the “best HVAC company near me” or checking out reviews for Bob’s Heating & Air. Whatever the reason that they’re using things like Google search, that’s another opportunity for you to be in front of the eyes of your perspective clients and to dominate your competition online.


Having the best digital marketing strategy is imperative in today’s business climate. Digital marketers like us at X3 make sure that our clients don’t put all their eggs in one basket and rather, have a balanced, strategic approach to bring not just a good amount of leads but, the right kind of leads. while some digital agencies act as though SEO alone is the end-all-be-all of digital marketing, we understand that having ALL digital tools (PPC (Google Ads), SEO, Retargeting, Social Media Marketing, etc) in your arsenal is crucial. Let’s Talk!

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