The Process Of First 3 Months of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessary action businesses must make for increasing online visibility. Though the importance of SEO is widely known, many don’t know the process or what to expect when it comes to setting up effective SEO. In this blog post, we are going to break down what to expect in the first three months of SEO.

Before we dive into the SEO process, let’s quickly review what SEO is and why businesses need it. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the content strategy of your website and other online platforms that drives organic search traffic to your business. An effective SEO strategy uses relevant content of your business that search engine algorithms use to connect you to your target audience.

Month 1

Status Review and Strategy Development

Research, disclosure, and site organization are the key elements to focus on during the first month of your SEO campaign. Some websites start a leg up due to previous SEO factors they’ve already incorporated. Some of these factors could be a content marketing strategy, a strong online brand reputation, alt tags in place, a base of organic traffic, and much more. 

However, if your website is not starting with this foundation, the goal is to develop these elements as soon as possible. This means building out your company’s website and setting it up in a way that brings it qualified traffic.

In either case, examining your current status and development of an SEO strategy take place during the first month of SEO. Content is gathered and is customized to your business. Keyword research tools are used to identify target keywords, relevant keywords, and long-tail keywords to build and expand your keyword strategy. 

Month 2

Implementation of Specialized Work

The second month of your SEO campaign involves specialized SEO work. This includes conducting a technical site audit for loading speeds, mobile optimization, and internal linking. A positive user experience is essential and in some cases, major website redesigns are necessary. If this is your case, your digital marketing company should incorporate other aspects of SEO simultaneously.

Additional priority elements are creating a link-building strategy for internal links and back-linking while efficiently working to ensure your website’s technical qualities are up to par. Website updates are made with high-quality content that is guaranteed to rank your business on the first page of a Google Search. 

Month 3

Continued Optimized
Content Buildout

The third month of your SEO campaign primarily focuses on outstanding content creation. This could come in the form of blog content creation, website FAQ updates, whitepaper documents, local service pages, and client case studies. Internal links are integrated into each piece of content to encourage higher click-through rates from users. 

Don’t expect great SEO results right away – it takes time for new content to gain a high position in search ranking. In most cases, it takes a few months after your content has been published for it to begin ranking well and drive organic search traffic. 

The X3 Difference

At X3 Marketing Group, we take your SEO campaign seriously and can improve your listing in major search engine rankings, helping you reach more potential customers. Our team takes a thorough approach to the content of your website and post pages for your specific services and locations. This robust technique will maximize your organic traffic compared to services that offer a limited and condensed SEO plan. Our search engine optimizers take your online marketing to the next level with a keyword strategy that will reduce your bounce rate while increasing the conversion rate. Maximizing your website from a holistic perspective with strong keyword content, a fast loading speed, and strong use of links, we will help you reach more online users and grow your business!

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