Why “Near Me” Searches Rarely Work For SEO

Sure, your business needs to show up for your neighbors, but is that the best way to show up in a Google search?

So many business owners we talk to have this overwhelming urge to seek out SEO ranking for “near me” searches. For instance, an HVAC repair company may want to show up in the top ten Google results for something like “air conditioning repair near me”. But how effective are “near me” searches?

What is a “near me” search?

A “near me” search is when someone is looking for a specific product or service they know you offer. A shopper goes to a local retailer or service, runs into the owner, and says, “I’m in the market for a new air conditioning unit. What’s out there?” The store owner searches Google for the same term and shows up at the top of the results. How do you show up as a top search result? Since you won’t get the first “near me” results, you need to consider what others are ranking for this term. It’s probably not the exact same brand name. Make sure your website or sales copy is not competitive and should not try to trick a searcher into searching this term on your behalf.

The fact of the matter is though that while “near me” searches have surged in popularity over the last five years or so, since 2020, people searching for things have gotten much more specific in their queries. In other words, someone looking for a place to hike in Golden, Colorado may not simply search for “hiking near me” but rather something like, “places to hike with teenagers in Golden, CO”.

Why should I care about “near me” searches?

One of the leading reasons that businesses still want to show up for these “near me” searches is because Google loves businesses with physical locations because the overwhelming majority of people searching for a product or service they can’t order online, want to find that product or service. within five miles of their home. This means that business is IN their community and as such, there is a certain amount of trust that is more easily gained by someone close by.

Near me SEO. The basics

Search volume – A local business needs to have a large enough volume of searches to rank for the local keywords. This means that the business needs to rank for enough other terms to make up for the keywords that don’t show up in the results.

Search quality – This means the phrase or words being searched for the need to be ‘good’ or ‘great’ for a local search. This means the phrase or words being searched for the need to be ‘good’ or ‘great’ for a local search.

What is the impact of “near me” searches on my business?

“Near me” searches aren’t as effective as you may think. I’ve previously written about the “narrow view” SEO, and why this is a good strategy for some things. But “near me” searches are typically limited to Google, which means they can’t filter out a lot of other search results (not to mention user-generated content). As a result, it’s hard to expect you’ll get a lot of traffic from “near me” searches, no matter how high you rank. But it’s worth understanding what they are in case you want to help your business. Because, while “near me” searches certainly are far from worthless, keywords more specific to your business or products are going to be far more effective.

Denver SEO: how to get your business found online by X3 Marketing Group

Denver SEO: How To Get Your Business Found

Recently, when sitting down with someone they called search engine optimization “black magic”. He’s not wrong. Probably the biggest reason he said that is because SEO isn’t simply ONE thing. Rather, it’s a series of techniques which are used to varying degrees depending on strategy and goals of a business. With X3 Marketing Group’s home state of Colorado being something of an emerging tech hub, finding the best Denver SEO agency can be a job unto itself. Sifting through big promises of agencies to find those who put trust, results and clarity for their customer first is challenging at best.

An SEO expert understands the need to have a powerful, yet flexible search engine optimization strategy to increase online visibility, bring lots of good site traffic, provide powerful user experience through design and make sure the proper target audience full of potential customers are those finding your business online.

Global spending on digital marketing nears $100 billion: study

What is SEO?

SEO simply stands for search engine optimization. Now in its fifth decade, this tactic has evolved to become an integrated part of web design, development, content creation and inbound marketing for businesses. As with many other business strategies, SEO has become much more sophisticated over time. Today there are more than 60 billion monthly online searches around the world. Many of these searches are looking for something geographically nearby with local business owners. Yet for most businesses, they will only see about 20 percent of those searches translated into conversions.

Why do websites fail? No matter the industry you work in, the most common cause of website failure is site speed. People can instantly tell when a site is loading slowly or not loading at all. As we’ve discussed, websites are not static objects; they are changing and updating all the time.

X3: What is Small Business SEO and Why is it Important for Your Business?

What are the basic tenets of SEO?

Search engine optimization is more than just matching keywords to particular content marketing assets. In many cases, that’s the bare minimum, but many tools and strategies exist for SEO. When done correctly, they help businesses show up in search results more often. Topical Analytics An analytics tool allows for a more in-depth understanding of what the business is doing for an individual keyword. This might be, “What pages are ranking for our company name? What pages are ranking for our phone number?” The common denominator here is that when people search for a service or product, they aren’t necessarily looking to read about your competition, but what’s out there that meets their needs.

We’ll also take a second here to mention digital advertising using platforms like Google Ads or any number of paid marketing options including social media marketing. These things should also be a large part of a good digital marketing strategy but can often be overlooked. While SEO has probably the best long-term return on investment (ROI), since it takes time to implement and shift if needs be, digital advertising makes for a much more nimble and fast-reacting marketing strategy and, depending on a particular business model, these types of internet marketing services can serve to bolster SEO by quite a bit.

X3 Small Business SEO Packages

What makes Denver SEO challenging?

Denver has a large and unique blend of companies within the larger metro region when it comes to Denver SEO. There are those who employ ‘black hat’ tactics to game the system, and then there are those that keep an open mind, offer training and use optimization techniques in an ethical, accurate manner. For the industry as a whole, the first problem is getting a handle on the industry itself. People get away with deceptive SEO for the simple reason that it’s hard to see.

What is black hat SEO? Can it be used against a website? Can you trust a company to not go around using tricks that could leave your site defenseless against the wolves of the internet? these are a few of the questions any good agency providing reasonable SEO services should be able to address without hesitation.

SEO tips and tricks

Think carefully. Yes, there are some solid specialists out there. But if a small company is already working with a digital marketing strategy they can get from a service like Google Ads, they can probably save themselves the hassle of finding an SEO specialist. As an added bonus, look for an agency who has a client list. If you know for sure that you are willing to take on a couple of new clients and you have a firm understanding of their marketing goals for the upcoming year, asking if they do work with businesses similar to yours might go a long way. Beyond just their website content, the Denver SEO agency you choose should be taking on more of the effort to improve a company’s overall site presence.

While we may be a bit biased since X3 Marketing Group does handle everything in the digital marketing arena, it’s important to add to the above the fact that having and agency who has a holistic view of all your businesses digital marketing services and needs can be crucial. A digital marketing agency such as X3 takes into consideration the proper focus for each of the arms of digital marketing. Does your social media marketing needs to be increased? Great. Do your Google ads need a higher cost-per-click to reach the ideal audience? Let’s do it. Are most of your potential customers looking for businesses like yours on Google Maps? Let’s make sure you’re doing everything you can to be found there.

Bottom Line: Finding the best Denver SEO is hard. X3 Marketing Group is here.

All this information is likely confusing and possibly even counterintuitive, but at the end of the day, the value in it comes from how well it can inform a business’ search engine optimization strategy. There’s no silver bullet when it comes to getting Denver search engine optimization results, which is why it’s important to find a seasoned agency with a proven track record of results for clients. This goes not only for Denver but for the entire state of Colorado.

We’d love to take a good look at how your business is getting customers online (or not) so please tell us about yourself!

Just remember that SEO is a never ending pursuit with some new techniques popping up all the time, so it’s the job of a good SEO company to continually research, refine and make informed decisions about SEO strategy based on business traffic goals and outcomes.

What’s the next step toward success with your online marketing tactics? Reach out to us now!

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X3: Finding the best digital marketing services in Denver, Colorado

Finding The Best Digital Marketing Services In Denver

In 2018 and 2019 Denver ranked in the top 10 for high-tech job growth. During that time the Mile High City added almost over 9,900 jobs in the tech space which accounted for 34% of all jobs added during that period. With that kind of growth, the amount of digital marketing agencies is not only included as a part of the number but those same agencies are also here to help their fellows in the tech space grow and expand their digital channels.
With X3 being a Denver, Colorado-based digital marketing agency, today we’re going to take a look at what potential customers should be looking for when searching for the right digital marketers to bring along with them trust guided by results and clarity.

Global spending on digital marketing nears $100 billion: study

What Are Digital Marketing Services?

Honestly, there is a lot to unpack in that simple question but I’m betting that any person reading this is probably looking for a quicker answer rather than a complex web of digital marketing tactics specific to Denver. So, back to the answer; these services are a blend of digital marketing channels and techniques, applied consistently which can help your business reach not just customers but the right customers with the most value and ROI. Some of these services which X3 offers to our clients, not just in Denver, but around the globe are:

  • Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO
  • PPC or pay-per-click which is also frequently – and deservedly – conflated with “Google Ads”.
  • Web-based, media promotion
  • Website construction and optimization
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Social Media Marketing, both paid and organic
  • Email marketing
  • Link building

With regular and consistent digital marketing activity a business can increase its reach where its customers are looking. For instance, if you want to be found by customers looking for the “HVAC near me” – which is a great keyword but with a LOT of competition – it may be a more valuable strategy to focus on a keyword like, “HVAC Denver” or, to get even more granular, “HVAC repair Cherry Creek”.

Online marketing can also help a business to find the right employees with the right credentials and experience as well as those who are already nearby. For instance there isn’t much reason for a Denver-based roofing company to seek out potential hires in Norfolk, Virginia.

X3: What is Small Business SEO and Why is it Important for Your Business?

What Services Do Digital Marketing Agencies Offer?

Well, we make sure that businesses reach the right customers at the right time in the right area. At X3 we understand that the ways in which search engines drive engagement and revenue must be strategic and part of a broader brand-forward digital marketing campaign.

The digital marketing services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Re-targeting
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Quality Link Building
  • Website Strategy
  • Content Marketing and Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Integrated Online Marketing Strategies

Are all of these digital marketing services a need-to-have or a want-to-have? Well, Colorado is a pretty competitive landscape with much of the population being located in the Front Range. This means that which the state of Colorado itself is much larger, the actual population is fairly concentrated along the I-25 corridor cenetering on Denver. Marketers in the Centennial State need to not just have and idea of digital marketing strategy from a technical side but also how and where to execute it. Otherwise, Denver by itself could suck up all the marketing “juice” since it carries the highest population in the state.

X3 Small Business SEO Packages

Do Businesses Need Digital Marketing Services?

Absolutely. Yes. Why do you need digial marketing to find and reach potential customers? Because online is where people shop today. U.S. consumers spent more than $860 billion in 2020 in online shopping. Apart from those people who were looking to buy a product or service online, 55% of Americans looked for online reviews and recommendations before engaging with companies both online and in the real world.

Many Colorado businesses have at least begun to look at digital marketing efforts as a necessary way to find opportunity but there are still many who are opting for a more traditional approach to marketing.

X3: Cost of digital marketing versus traditional marketing.

As you can see in the image above, the cost of traditional marketing is exponentially higher than that of the digital marketing discipline. It also allows Colorado businesses to focus their marketing program to specific people in specific areas. This can help dictate the customer journey and use those digital marketing skills to turn someone from a “shopper” to a customer.

Of course, not all businesses or marketers are going to use each piece of the digital marketing puzzle. One of the aspects of marketing and advertising we at X3 look at the most is which platforms are best. For instance, is Facebook a place where promoted posts for a Denver roofing company are going to be most impactful? Probably not, BUT, what if a person who was searching Google for the “best roofer near me” earlier in the day gets “retargeted” on Facebook or Twitter on their mobile devices and sees your advertising content? Then you’re likelihood of that person engaging with your message becomes much higher.

X3: what is retargeting?

Achieve Measurable Results with Targeted Digital Marketing Services

You know what many small businesses consider “measurable results”? Leads. Business owners and decision makers want good leads for their products and services. Furthermore, these businesses rely on digital marketing agencies like X3 to be able to develop and deploy the best digital marketing plan which highlights brands and their offerings and gets the content on their social media platforms and website in front of the eyes of as many (of the right) people in Denver, Colorado – for example – as possible. That is their primary goal.

But what if you want intermediate benchmarks to measure how well your digital marketing plan is working? Being able to understand how much time, energy and money it takes to trace the customer journey is part of making sure the efficiency of a marketing plan is effectively overcoming those challenges and providing the best value

At X3, our clients have access to a backend dashboard 24/7/365 where they can see everything from their Google Analytics to their reviews, social media platforms, Google Ads, SEO and (drumroll, please) their leads in the form of phone calls, chatbots, constant forms and much more. While we do provide those same clients with weekly and monthly reports, we want to help build trust by showing clear results. This is where we get our values: Trust, Results and Clarity.

Custom Digital Marketing Strategy

The way that any craftsman has a set of tools to use, digital marketing with X3 in Colorado has a set of tools to use as well. Just like those craftsmen, the expertise with which those tools are used and using them in unique, inventive ways is what sets us apart among the crowded Denver marketing space.

For X3 each customer, even customers in the same vertical (HVAC, roofing, e-commerce, etc.) have unique value propositions and goals and we address each of our clients as their marketers without making assumptions (other than a fantastic ROI). For instance, not all of our clients want to use emails to reach their customers and not all of our clients will want to use paid advertising. However, those are resources which need to be weighed into their larger marketing messages, as well as how and where they find their clients.

At a 30,000 foot view, here are some of the ways we help a client begin to define the hows and whys of their digital marketing strategy:

  • Define your brand: This encompasses several things including branding (colors, logos, etc) as well as a mission statement and set of company values. A strong brand also benefits with strong brand awareness.
  • Construct your buyer personas or avatars: You may think you know who your ideal customer is but the practice of defininng them is a challenging one. Many clients of ours see their product or service through their own eyes instead of the customer’s eyes and their expertise can be vastly different than what a real customer would be searching the internet for.
  • Generate your SMART objectives: Don’t know what that means? CLICK HERE
  • Pick your digital marketing strategy: As mentioned earlier, this is a spot to figure our where and how your ideal customers will find you. Find the corner of the internet where they spend the most time and target it. Is it on different social media channels or some other digital platforms? Maybe. Is it on a desktop rather than a mobile device despite the trend in the other direction? Let’s figure it out.
  • Set your budget: While there’s a pretty typical guideline that a marketing budget should be about 5% of annual revenue, that can vary widely depending on goals. It’s also very important to understand that: MARKETING IS FREE. You’re probably saying, “Wait, free?!?!?!” Yes, free. When done properly – as we do at X3 – if you spend $100 marketing and make $100 of revenue through marketing then your cost is $0. However, at X3 we aim for a MUCH larger ROI and typically see at least a 2X ROI.
  • Fix your strategy: Don’t just set it and forget it. A marketing campaign and the data available through toold like Google Analytics tells you where to make adjustments.
  • Promote your campaigns: If you’ve spent a lot of time on product development and branding, be sure that all parts of your business are there to support your revenue. Build brand awareness and bring the right customers in the proverbial door.
  • Keep an update on results: While we won’t speak for other Denver, Colorado marketing agencies we, at X3, give our clients access to all the data on their marketing picture. This includes SEO, PPC (Google Ads / Google Adwords, and other modes of digital advertising), reviews, website speed, visibility and – drumroll – LEADS and SALES.

Bottom Line: The Best Digital Marketing Agency in Denver, Colorado
At X3, these are some of our foundational pieces:

CUSTOM APPROACH: It is imperative to understand that no two businesses are alike – even if they’re competing with one another. Our approach means that each client is given time and attention to detail, specific to their business, which makes them stand out. No cookie cutters.

YOUR PARTNERS IN MARKETING: More often than not, business owners and decision makers have so many things to do to actually make a business run that getting clients to notice them through marketing takes a back seat. At X3, we make sure that your business is noticed, engaged with and dominant in the digital space. Your job is to run your business and it’s our job to work with you to make sure your marketing drives revenue and growth.

MULTIFACETED: Business owners understand that trust, results and clarity are of the utmost importance. Putting trust in those you work with is one of your highest priorities. X3 does that by pulling back the curtain with tools like a custom, in-depth dashboard as well as person-to-person meetings where any questions are answered and continuous work is done to refine your growth strategy.

What’s the next step toward success with your online marketing tactics? Reach out to us now!

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X3 Digital Marketing: How long does it take to see SEO results?

How long does it take to see SEO results?

I suppose before we get into it, we should define just what SEO is, huh? SEO means “Search Engine Optimization” and what do THAT mean? SEO is a process which SEO agencies use to get your website to show up higher than your competition on popular search engines and for the most part, we’re talking about Google. The more pertinent information – for the keywords which people searching for your business are typing into Google – the more a website shows up in those searches.
There are several things which make organic search results different than other things you’ll see on a SERP (aka Search Engine Results Pages) and while we’ll be going into the anatomy of how SERP’s are created in a future article, the most obvious piece is what part of the “real estate” of the SERP an organic search result link holds. Below is a diagram explaining the different pieces. For the sake of this article, we’re going to specifically talk about the “organic results”:

X3 Digital Marketing: HVAC, Heating and cooling SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Global spending on digital marketing nears $100 billion: study

How long does SEO take to show results?
First, what comprises SEO? Among other things it depends on upon how long your site has been live, the amount SEO has been done on it already, how good the structure and organization of the site is, how much content is on it, its backlink profile (how many other websites link to yours), and numerous other SEO factors. No two sites begin from the same spot, regardless of whether they’re in a similar industry and going after similar clients. Be that as it may, here is a conceivable situation for what your SEO endeavors may look during the underlying months, and the outcome you might see.

Month 1
Research and disclosure, site review, keyword strategy, and site organization. As is the case with all things, some websites start with a leg up on others. Whether this means that their content marketing strategy is already begun, their image quality and alt tags are already in place or they already have a base of at least some organic traffic, the goal is to bring all of these elements up to par as soo as possible so that people using major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) can fine a particular website for their searches.
In many cases however, we find ourselves being hired to build a company’s digital presence from the ground, up. Not only does this mean that X3 is building out the company’s website, but it also means we’re setting up their entire strategy in order to bring them the traffic from search that they’re looking for.

Step 2: Create a detailed and CTA-driving description

Month 2
Begin specialized SEO work, making chages and updates to the site based on a manual review of the entire structure. Sometimes the site should be redesigned, and this can add time to the project. At X3 we make this determination prior to engaging a client which saves both time and money. Other SEO elements such as link building and creating high-quality content can take a place during this time. If you find yourself needing a rebuild of your site, both building quality links and good content can be done simultaneously to the structural changes.

In a case where you’re overhauling a website – as opposed to a brand new site build – the content and link building can go live when it’s ready and continue during the couple of months of updating and as such, they’ll begin to gain good SEO “juice” as soon as they’re live. However, in the case of a new site, businesses will want all of the pieces of content to be ready for proper “crawling” or “indexing” by platforms and search engine algorithms.

Month 3
Start zeroing in on content creation. Contributing to a blog, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), whitepapers, long-form content, client case studies and so on. In a perfect world you would have begun this work after the structure and keywords strategy was established in month one. Sometimes however, it’s not until later on in the process where it’s discovered that the copy on a website needs to be updated to actually result in an increase in traffic. Sometimes it is possible for new content to rank high out of the gate and then settle to a lower position. This can happen because search engines like Google can often prioritize new content. On the off chance that those rankings are converting into leads or deals that early in the process, fantastic! Understand though that those sorts of anomalies tend to be outliers.

X3: Small business SEO. Is it worth it?

Month 4
Continued creation of contents, technical SEO of the site, and advancement of a good backlink profile (which may incorporate tidying up bad quality links). By this month you should begin to see an incremental improvement in rankings, traffic, and the beginnings of lead generation. It won’t be anywhere near the uptick in traffic (and, commensurately, leads) you should see a year into your SEO endeavors; however, it should be very clear that your SEO is working and driving organic search traffic.

Month 5
By this month or maybe a bit sooner in the process, you may have begun posting on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets as well as informational forums like Quora. This can prompt a solid, characteristic connection profile, and produce leads all by itself. As in the past months, you’ll want to continue content creation and maybe participate in some PR or local media outreach. You ought to be seeing increasingly more traffic rolling in from SEO now, and your leads ought to be developing subsequently.

X3: What is Small Business SEO and Why is it Important for Your Business?

Month 6
By this point we expect to see search engine traffic increasing in earnest. At this point we would also take the tack of refining site content depending on the type of leads that are coming in. For instance if you’re a roofer focused on roof replacement and the leads which are coming in are primarily for small repairs and ancillary services (like gutter cleaning, for instance), updating the content of the site to reflect that helps to focus the traffic you’ll get but it will also show Google and other search engines that the site is being updated – which results in it being re-indexed (crawled) and it’s rankings improved accordingly.

From here on, the things done to improve search engine visibility will largely center around content creation and updating, or you might be doing more inventive things such as integrating keyword-rich reviews.

Many SEO firms will tell you that it takes four to six months to begin getting results. For the most part, that is very true, yet remember this is when you start getting results, and SEO results develop more and more over time. Whatever outcomes you’re getting at six months should have improved markedly by the time you hit a year (or longer) of active SEO work. Eventually you will very likely see the traffic increase curve flatten a bit depending on your industry. At this point, if you’ve taken a break from working on SEO with an agency (cough, X3, cough) that would be the time to re-engage and begin again with a new or updated type of content, service offerings or even product descriptions.

Why Does SEO take so long to show results?
Consider the number of sites is out there. There are a lot of competitors with about two billion websites online right now (about four hundred million of which are active). Different locales are additionally attempting to sort out website improvement. There are likely organizations and sites out there that have been around longer than have more built up SEO juice even though the sites themselves are less than stellar. That is only the status quo. Newer sites need to experience the cycle similarly to jump ahead of older sites which have a very long history of being authoritative in a particular field. There are also agencies who have a much less consistent approach to SEO and that can certainly affect rankings as well. Not X3 though!

The Bottom Line
SEO can be a tricky beast. Apart from all the technical aspects (I’m looking at you, flip-phone owners!) the amount of constant and consistent updating can be a daunting task which doesn’t just take a one time job, it is the product of months and even years of work to get good results. At X3, part of our expertise lies in not simply executing for you (which we absolutely do) but also guiding your business to participating in the real-world follow through.

If you’d like us to do an absolutely free assessment of your current web presence and how we would suggest you improve it, please CLICK HERE to send us a message. We want to help your business DOMINATE YOUR COMPETITION ONLINE.

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