X3 Marketing Group Digital Advertising Case Study: Radon Gone

The challenge

If you’re the owner of a basement then it’s likely that radon has never come across your radar. This odorless gas can collect in basements and can lead to breathing problems and, in extreme cases, death by way of lung cancer. With many Colorado homes having basements, making sure that radon is under control is an important – and competitive –  business.

When Radon Gone began working with X3, the company had a good website and an established SEO presence. However, due to the red-hot housing market in the Centennial State.

X3 Marketing Group Digital Advertising Case Study: Radon Gone

The Strategy

Their established organic presence meant that we had a good staring point as well as data from which to develop the digital advertising strategy to fill gaps in the digital reach. Our strategy included:

  • Local Service Ads which would allow Radon Gone to stand out in their target area with a finely-focused ideal customer profile.
  • Well-placed strategic ad sets following market trends from the real estate sector
  • Retargeting campaign to keep the necessity of radon mitigation top-of-mind for existing homeowners as well as new buyers and sellers.

Proven Results

In the short time Radon Gone has been with X3 Marketing Group, the company has seen a recovery of slowing business and a large increase on top of that leading to one of their strongest periods of growth since being in business.



Increase in overall site traffic

Weeks to being ROI positive

Average new leads per day

They are professional, communicative and show you weekly reports on improvement on your SEO rankings. They don’t just talk the talk , they walk the walk. We have been with them close to 3 months now and our sales have doubled.Highly recommend this team!
Ricci Martinez

Owner, Radon Gone, LLC

X3 Marketing Group Digital Advertising Case Study: Radon Gone

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